Teaching Kids Empathy Through the Story of the Thirsty Crow

A thirsty crow saw a pitcher of water. The water was too low for the crow to reach. So, it started dropping pebbles into the pitcher.

With each pebble, the water level rose a little until finally the crow could drink.

A crow was very thirsty. It saw a water pitcher but it was too far away and the crow couldn’t reach it. The crow thought for a moment and then had an idea.

It picked up some pebbles and dropped them one by one into the pitcher. As the water level rose, the crow was able to drink its fill.

Thirsty Crow Story in English | Moral stories for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Children

What is the Moral of the Story a Thirsty Crow?

The moral of the story “A Thirsty Crow” is that wisdom and resourcefulness are more powerful than strength or size. The crow in the story is able to get a drink of water by using its wit to drop stones into a pitcher, raising the water level until it can reach it. This fable teaches that being smart and thinking creatively can help you solve problems and achieve your goals, even when you seem to be at a disadvantage.

What is the Short Summary of the Crow And the Pitcher?

The Crow and the Pitcher is a fable about a crow that is thirsty. The crow finds a pitcher with some water in it, but the water is too low for the crow to reach. The crow tries various ways to get the water, but all of its attempts are unsuccessful.

Finally, the crow has an idea. It drops pebbles into the pitcher, which raises the level of water so that the crow can drink. This fable teaches us that even when we are faced with difficult situations, we can find a way to overcome them if we use our intelligence and resources wisely.

What is the Summary of the Clever Crow?

The clever crow is a bird that is known for its intelligence. It is able to solve complex problems and has been known to outwit humans. The crow is also known for its scavenging habits and will often steal food from other animals.

What is the Moral of the Story the Crow And the Pitcher?

There are a few possible morals to the story of the crow and the pitcher. One is that wisdom is better than weapons of war. Another is that it is better to be humble and wise than to be proud and foolish.

Yet another moral is that it is never too late to learn from your mistakes.

Story a Thirsty Crow

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Thirsty Crow Story in 300 Words

One day, a thirsty crow flew all over the fields in search of water. The scorching sun made her thirstier and she grew weak. She saw a pitcher half-filled with water and flew down to it.

But the neck of the pitcher was too narrow for her beak to reach the water inside. She thought for a while and then had an idea. She started picking up pebbles from the ground and dropping them into the pitcher one by one.

With each pebble, the water level rose until finally, she was able to drink her fill.

The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow is a folktale from India about a crow that is desperate for water. The crow tries everything to get water, but nothing works. Finally, the crow comes up with a clever plan to get the water it needs.

Thirsty Crow Story for Kids

One of the most popular stories for kids in India is the story of the thirsty crow. In this story, a crow is trying to get water to drink but can’t reach it. He tries to drop stones into the jar to raise the water level but it doesn’t work.

Finally, he comes up with a clever plan and gets the water he needs. This story teaches kids about resourcefulness and perseverance.


The thirsty crow is a classic fable with a moral lesson. The story teaches us that we should never give up, no matter how difficult the task may seem. The crow in the story uses its own ingenuity to solve the problem and get the water it needs.

This story is a reminder that even when things seem hopeless, we should never give up and always try to find a solution.

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